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Wellness Screenings  

We believe that periodic wellness screenings are essential to give us the most complete overview of your child's health. 

Child Wellness

Learn about your child's health and ways you can work to improve it.

Bringing the office to you

Getting around Atlanta can be difficult, allow us to bring our services to you. 

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Exceptional Care for Your Children

Healthcare Management

Complete management of care for your child, including a detailed tx plan, and coordination with other providers.

Our Approach 

Healthcare is complicated. It can be very stressful and confusing if your child is not well. At CCA, we believe in order to properly care for your child, a combination of screenings from both a medical and behavioral standpoint ensure the proper care is provided.  We then believe periodic screenings will allow us to maintain a full picture of your child's health, and allows us to diagnose, coordinate, and treat any issues as they arise. Our staff stands behind a holistic approach of evidence based best practices and will work with you and your child to make sure that the proper care and coordination of care is provided.  Our only focus is the outcome of your child's care, and resolution of any issues that may present themselves. Give us a call today at 770.670.7248 to answer any questions that you have, our friendly staff will be happy to explain more of who we are and what we do